3 forex books about technical analysis - Sensational Findings

This website is made basing on three Masterforex-V books, which form the basis of the Masterforex-V Trading Academy training

and is designed for those traders, who cannot learn how to earn money steadily, after mastering fundamentals of trading at the Forex foreign currency market. When practically all my students started to progress from beginners to professional traders, raising more money in a month than during many years before, I realized that we can switch from the full-time attendance to correspondence training. I believe that the form of correspondence training of trading at Forex is more appropriate, because:

a) None professional successful trader wants to waste his time on lectureship in lecture halls during working hours. What for?? Earnings at the market, during those few hours, are in large excess over payment to be paid by students to you.

b) There is no point to make people to travel thousand kilometers and to waste dozens of hours on writing of lectures, when this authors’ course can be emailed;

c) Questions-answers on analysis of current trading at Forex: it is more effective for any trader to have a chance to question the author of the method, not within the strictly limited timeframe (for example a several days seminar), but on a permanent basis, any time via internet, during weeks, months, years... At the same time, they will a possibility to perfect their working skills at Forex, while exchanging valuable information or their observations over the Forex market.

Teaching of traders to work at Forex market in the internet Masterforex-V Trading Academy is developed on the basis of those principals.

At this, the trader-student has the possibility to:

1. Obtain theoretical section via internet (Book 3 Masterforex-V), in order to understand the fundamentals and details of that trading system, under which I work on myself;

2. Obtain access to the closed Masterforex-V Trading Academy forum, where he can find:

a) Additional materials to that theoretical section;

b) Questions and answers, which were previously put by hundreds of other students of the Academy on details of implementation of the Masterforex-V trading system. He will also have the possibility to ask me or other traders from more than 40 countries of the world, who work under my trading system, his own questions;

c) Daily training on application of the Masterforex-V trading system at the current trading. Daily drawing up of trading plan for the current trading session, followed by the online analysis of tactical solutions, guiding suggestions of experienced traders and answers to the current questions, put by the beginners on the current trading, calculation of the short-term and medium-term trends’ targets (short – long transactions, market wave analysis) and corrections to it, guiding suggestions of the Academy departments from the point of view of Murray, channels, Fibonacci Levels, wave analysis, location of the orders’ accumulation at the real stock exchange, currencies indexes, associates’ currencies etc., which are required by a trader in the course of trading at Forex.

This is the routine procedure. During 1-2 years at the least.

What are the differences between the Masterforex-V traders’ training method and the other ones ?...

I do not believe that someone can become professional after having read books only, no matter how ably they are wrote (can someone become professional doctor after having read manuals only? And lawyer, engineer, physicist ?... this list can go into infinity. Why do you think that profession of the Forex trader is exception? Isn’t it the experience of more than 95% traders all over the world, those who lost and those keep loosing their money at Forex, which proves the fact that miracles practically do not occur in this world, and that an amateur is going to face a failure? And this is logical).

  • While reading numerous authors of books about Forex and stock exchange – Bill Williams, Alexander Elder, Larry Williams, Thomas Demark, Schwager, Cornelius Luka, Di Napoli and many others, I kept catching myself at the ideas that:

а) Questions always arise while reading the books, and of course, the author was not going to answer neither me nor other readers. And any issue, misunderstood by a trader, will result in lost of account in the course of a real trading at Forex.

b) Many more issues arise while trying to apply their trading systems at a concrete market during the routine work at Forex. For example, a standard situation: one opens dealing under trading system of a famous author, but currency goes “somewhere else.” So where was the mistake? Which of the following was it: wrong definition by the author himself; outstanding issue; you, as a reader of the author have simply misunderstood him; or application of this trading system has some restrictions? This happens every day, traders attempt to understand independently at the cost of their own money lost at Forex, both the Forex itself and trading methods, followed by them and other traders. How do such experiments end? Millions of traders all over the world can tell you that in full, colorful and in details.

c) Establishment of elite and private Forex club, uniting successful traders, who, due to internet may preserve their incognito, at their own discretion, and to have a chance to talk to each other at any time. Each trader, from a beginner to a successful “currency profiteer”, has a permanent need in communication and sharing their ideas, points of view at a certain market situation. For beginners, it is a subconscious attempt to learn from more experienced colleges, and for successful traders – to find equal ones, communication with whom will be useful, interesting, meaning profitable for trading.

d) Forex market, methods of its analysis and work at it cannot be accepted as dogma while working at Forex, accepted once and forever. I can give dozens of examples of concrete people who were successfully trading at Forex for many years, but within time, their profit margin was becoming less and less. What was the reason? Forex develops very rapidly, the same do settings of the off-exchange Forex market Main computer, where practically all traders work. What was true and correct several years ago, can become (in one or another section of the trading system elements) wrong any day.

For example, there are things, which cannot be changed by those, who provide traders with quotations (trends, but their durations and peculiarities of motions vary and will vary. Alternatively, American dollar, as the main Forex currency, will remain, at least, for many more years – hence objectivity of the group motion of currency pairs’ associates against American dollar, as criteria of powerful motion on day or another. But... of course, tactics of the group motion of currencies against American dollar varies and will vary permanently).

I, for example, refused dozens of methods (details of my trading system), which I used for gaining profit three years ago, and substituted them by different ones. It means that it is necessary to correct one’s trading systems simultaneously with a change of settings of quotes supplied from those who provide us with them. Masterforex-V Trading Academy was organized for the purpose of solving problems mentioned above, where everybody can put their questions both theoretical and practical concerning current trading online with no regards to countries’ borders or time zones, separating them.

I believe that this website will be useful for the Forex training courses teachers too – considerable part of it is devoted to crisis of existing Forex studying and teaching methods. As a result – 95-99% of the beginners lose their money and quit this market forever. The website materials can help teachers both to teach their students and to learn something for themselves. From the experience of my assistants, I am well aware about lack of specific knowledge of teachers, delivering fundamentals of Forex to traders-beginners, and at the same time, they cannot manage to obtain practical skills at that market under review.

I also hope that this website will be useful for entrepreneurs too, for those who will to open new spheres of their business with a very high rate of profit. It is a very risky sphere of business (for those who fail to study it well), but highly profitable, it exceeds rates of profit in dozens and hundreds of times as compared with traditional spheres of business.

From the point of view of its organizational and similar principles of composition, this business is fundamentally different, where there is practically no competition, production costs, tax and other government audits, sale problems, and employees, dreaming about higher salaries with fewer efforts. There is no need to investment the costly material and technical base of a business, when an entrepreneur transforms into a slave of his own fixed assets.

This business can be run from any place in the world, convenient for you, and there is no anybody, who wants to take this business away from you, because, it is not material and technical asset, which earn profit, but your mind and your ability to analyze.

To start with, it is necessary to understand Forex, as a system. This system is not that complicated as compared with any other business, but it assumes its own multiple rules and nuances, like any other business.

At the beginning, I want to highlight that it is not my intention to teach how to take 700-1000 items in one dealing being in the opened position for several months or years in a row, but at the same time, based on the Masterforex-V trading system, I indicate methods of HOW to do that. The long-term positions are more appropriate for the currency investors, working with the credit shoulder from 1:20 and less.

Most of traders at Forex are the currency profiteers, working on the short-term and medium-term trends (this is how J. Soros called himself), those who open transactions at a significantly larger credit shoulder and will to gain profit WITHIN one DAY or one – two weeks. Masterforex-V trading system fits specifically those profiteers the best, allowing gaining correctly from 20 items under each currency pair within almost every European and American stock session. 20 items, of course, is not the limit at the powerful trends during a day, and possibility of each of which will be prompted to you at the Masterforex-V Academy private forum. My operating currency pairs are GBPUSD, EURUSD, and USDCHF.

I consider my approach to work at Forex as conservative. My task is to take 20-50 items on a currency pair per one session, bringing a risk during opening of dealings to minimum. If I disappointed you, and you think that such daily revenue is not sufficient for you, then there is no sense for you to read this website further. I am not going to convince anybody in anything, I simply advice my methods, logic and approaches.

To fulfill the task at this opened website, I will provide the following information:

  • I will consider a number of theoretical and practical issues of trading at Forex, which are, to my mind, incorrectly described in the books, in order to explain the following:

- Who provides quotations at Forex, when, how, why and the reasons for moving one or another currency up and down;

- why the currency is not pegged to the fundamental analysis of the Forex market – to economic and political status of its government, which is the reason why motion vector of the currency pair can coincide with the issued news vector and may not, but can move opposite side in the course of issuance of news;

- Why 95-99% of traders lose after studying the available books about Forex? What are the methodology mistakes of positions provided in those books and presentation techniques of the training material?

- who, what and how teaches the future traders at the Forex courses, after graduation of which, practically every beginner loses his first trading account at Forex market?;

  • Sequence of material presentation:

а) Traditional point of view in the books about Forex at the problem under review;

b) Deficiencies and contradictions of those positions and points of view;

c) Masterforex-V trading system, as a method for solving the problem (partially in the opened section of this website, and the rest – in the course of studying at the Masterforex-V Trading Academy);

  • To fulfill item “A”, we will have to explain what wrong opinions and conclusions I have noticed in the books of practically authorities beyond exception: Bill Williams, Alexander Elder, Larry Williams, Thomas Demark, Schwager, Cornelius Luka, Di Napoli, and many others.

а) Some of them were wrong right at the time of writing a book. For example,

* section “moving averages” of the paid training course, gives example under trading system by Bill Williams for the 5th higher level of trader.

* solving of Denmark’s unresolved contradictions in the Masterforex-V trading system, based on the TD-points and TD-lines, invented by him;

* solving problem of the real and false penetration of the resistance and support levels, which was nor resolved in books of Alexander Elder, Thomas Demark, Murphy, Schwager and others.

* The Cornelius Luka trading tactics mistakes in the expanding triangle and their correction in the Masterforex-V trading system

* Classification of trends by Erick Naiman – outstanding and confusing right at the moment of publishing.

b) Famous authors failed to present some of their methods in full, I hope that the reasons for that are clear to everybody – the authors never present everything they know and can do. For example,

* section «associate currencies» gives example of the group motion of associate currency pairs at trading by Bill Williams, but this is not advised to wide audience

Unresolved trap for specialists by Larry Williams and its solution in the Masterforex-V trading system etc.

c) some methods are outstanding at the moment (for example, point of view of Demark, Murphy, Bill Williams and other authors regarding characteristic of scope of trading in the course of definition of the true and false penetration of levels. This item is correct for the uncontrolled market, but it is a trap during trading at the controlled Forex market for many traders), when currency reverses against the scope, logic and common sense only because we are not at the uncontrolled Forex, but controlled Forex, where both: traders and a Manager of this game are located on different sides of the market, trying to take their profit from each other.

Understanding of THIS helped me to avoid many mistakes in my work at Forex.

d) SOME methods, of the world known authors of books about Forex, as well as methods of work at that market, are correct for a certain PART of Forex operations and they do work. But when the authors try to present their methods as the multipurpose ones, without distinguishing areas where their trading system work and where not – we will face a quite familiar situation: some traders will prove rightness of those authors and some will explain how they lost all their money when following the same methods. Normally both sides will be right.

  • When speaking about my approach to the technical analysis methods, I will have to break a lot of stereotypes, due to which many traders lose their money at Forex. I will give my personal, nonstandard view of the problem for each of the following issues. I will reveal deficiencies of existing methods, WHAT and WHERE should be changed or added, so that these famous methods start helping to gain profit – not loss:

- Which of the indicators at Forex is the most fair and precise?

- The currencies’ associates, opponents and peculiarities of the currencies’ group motion;

- New classification of trends, as areas of practically faultless gaining of profit by trader;

- Peculiarities of the faultless trading at Forex within the trading session – day;

- Peculiarities of successful trading at Forex under the medium-term trend within the week;

- moving averages: why some of them raise a fortune and the others lose all their money. Working procedure under ЕМА Masterforex-V.

- Trader’s operation during issuance of news, points of faultless opening of dealings, with no regards to values and published news;

- Peculiarities of a trader’s activity at American session;

- forecast at Forex, or how to learn to do the same independently, rather than to pay someone else for that;

- why half of traders lose at Forex, when following trading system by Bill Williams, mentioned in “Trading chaos” and “New dimensions of exchange trade”? What else can be added to the Bill Williams’ system, once optimized for the contemporary trading at Forex?

- Pivot trend: are five “bullets,” mentioned by Williams, sufficient for trend pivot? Which of 11 bullets of Masterforex-V, in addition to those five, can ultimately kill the trend?

- Alligator indicator /Alligator/ Bill Williams (Trading chaos and new dimensions of exchange trade): the ways for improving things, resulting in 50% profit only;

- Identification of psychological problems, arising with traders while operating the real accounts, accompanied with miserable advices from professional psychologists and psychotherapists. The Masterforex-V method for overcoming a fear and similar psychological problems of the Forex traders.

And many other things that may help you as a trader to earn money at Forex.

I hope that this book will help to some extent to change a proportion of those who lose and win their money at Forex.

Proportion 19: 1., in favor of Manager of the biggest financial game in the world named “Forex”. To my mind, such proportion will remain as it is. It is a question of in what graph will you fall, as a trader.


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